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MeetletiX is your sportparty!

No lies! We don’t promise losing weight in only few weeks and to show off your six-pack after some training. Only promise we make is that you’ll enjoy a 60-min outdoor workout with fun and nice people.  MeetletiX training is a mix of cardio and strength. We use stairs, bands, TRX and do all exercise with our own weight outdoors. After each session you will feel that you worked out and will have a big smile.

Quintessence: Six-Pack is optional but FUN is guaranteed!

Are you MeetletiX?

You don’t have to be the athlete. What you bring is the willpower to exercise and get a regular rhythm for sports.


Jessica says:

"First I start MeetletiX because my friends were coming ! And let be honest because I wanted to get in shape before getting married ! But after the wedding I decided to continue doing sport at MeetletiX ! Usually twice a week ! Even if it was snowing ! Gonca is a super teacher ! She always makes you feel like you can do it ! She makes you believe in your progress and week after week you realize it becomes easier ! The exercices are always adapted to you ! And I, who wasn’t sporty at all , I decided to run the 10 km which was a huge step for me ! The flexibility for signing up is a plus and the number of class during the week too! The atmosphere is amazing ! Gonca is always in a good mood and doing sport became a game ! Isn’t that all the point of doing sport , having fun, going out and having fresh air after a long day at work ! 

I would recommand Meetletix any day!"


MeetletiX Sport loves company

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